Why Pray Before War

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                We love airsoft, that’s why we play, that’s why we fight.  Whether it’s a full on mil-sim, or a backyard battle, a day of airsoft can be a great memory.

It can be a good thing, or it can turn into a hot day full of frustrated males launching expletives at each other. Or even worse, someone could be hurt or injured.

No one wants to break their foot off in a rabbit hole or get a tooth shot out by a 6mm.  But these things as well as the attitudes of the other player, are not entirely in our control.

Who can we call upon for help, who can we ask to guide our path to safety and clean fun?  It is only the Lord, Jesus Christ that can order our steps and help us control our tounges and attitudes toward each other.

Moreover, what can we do without our creator? In Him, we live and move and breathe.  He gave us the ability to run, jump, laugh, shoot, throw grenades, be there for our teammates, and encourage the younger players on the field.

So next time you play a game or wake up for that matter, thank the Lord.