How to stop goggles from fogging, here are 4 fast, cheap, and easy Anti Fog solutions…

Fogging is when moisture condensates on a cool or hydrophilic surface (water attracting)…

… this commonly occurs on goggles, glasses, and face masks which can be a major problem on  certain eye protection devices like airsoft goggles, snowboarding goggles and swimming goggles etc.

Even though it can be wiped off, fog on sports goggles can be a huge inconvenience and you would probably much rather avoid it at all costs, allowing you to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

                                Here is how to beat the fog

tactical ant-fog goggles

ant-fog steps for tactical anti-fog goggles

           Would you believe that you already have ant-fog products at home?


Try this simple method with any of the products and check out the results at the bottom of the page

Saliva-  (yes use your own spit)! swimmers, bikers, and crop dusters have been doing this for years, now it’s your turn to try. It’s said to have good but short term results. Simply spit, rub it in, let dry and repeat as needed.

Toothpaste anyone?-  make sure it doesn’t have the little granules of rubbing compound and no bleaches.  Rub it in and keep rubbing till its nice and clear, now your ready to go scuba diving.  No, really this is actually an old divers trick

Shaving cream… To save time, do this while simultaneously shaving. no seriously, try applying a little bit with a soft rag and rubbing it until clear. Now run circles around your yard and make sure it works.

Pam cooking spray – If you don’t have anything else, you can use the cooking spray, it actually works almost just as good as the shaving cream in my opinion.

What do professionals use?

…If these don’t work good enough for your applications,               tactical anti fog goggles                                                        or if you’ve ever wondered what many professionals like Navy Seals and SWAT operators use in extreme environments?


Then here is a great product that I strongly recommend to anyone that uses goggles.


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These ESS Goggles are the real deal, Trusted in extreme environments and intense situations, they more than enough for most sports, packed with a powerful little fan and loaded with extra features. I think these will be a valuable part of your kit, no matter what your day includes.


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