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full auto airsoft AK-47




  • Full auto
  • Metal Gearbox
  • Metal Folding Stock
  • AEG
  • Free Shipping!

Built With The New Tokyo Marui compatible V.3 metal gearbox

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Full Auto Airsoft

New Realese







Folds Up For Storage, Carry, or CQB


Airsoft AK-47 folding stock

Full Metal GearBox







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Anti-Fog Goggles: Quality tactical anti-fog goggles that will prevent fogging and protect your vision

       How do these turbo fan goggles keep the fog at bay…


  This tactical turbo fan

goggles remain supreme

best tactical goggles

anti-fog tactical goggles

because of their unique design

and raw power allowing them to…


force air through the tactical goggles and subdue the annoying fog


  1. Specially designed lenses provide anti-scratch protection on the outside of the lenses and anti-fog coatings on the inside.
  2. .22 caliber impact tested lenses protect your eyes from anything on the airsoft field and more



              Noticeably reduce fogging over 150 hours on one AA battery

The awesome quality of these anti-fog goggles also makes them a perfect choice for snowboarding, skiing, motorcycling, airsoft, tactical shooting and more.



   Even when the fight gets heavy, the turbofan system in these tactical goggles will pull fresh air into the lower edge of the anti-fog goggles and rush it through the top at around 1,300 rpm!

tactical airsoft military goggles fan airflow system


Without your tactical goggles on the airsoft field, you won’t be able to use those little marbles to spot that enemy sniper or room clear your way to finding those last few rifleman hiding out in the enemy headquarters…



  1. auto off timer
  2. water resistant casing for all weather use
  3. 2.8mm polycarbonate lens
  4. push button operation                  push button tactical fan goggles
  5. single AA power source
  6. 100% UVA/UVB filtration


Extra Bonuses Included!

  1. an extra lens so you can choose between a clear or smoke tint
  2. protective black speed sleeve
  3. soft tactical goggle storage case
  4. flannel lens sleeve
  5. 1 AA battery
  6. complimentary user guide and ESS sticker


milsim airsoft tactical anti fog goggles

Are these high-quality tactical goggles worth it?

  Without a doubt!

“I’ve been in too many airsoft battles when my teammates needed me and I couldn’t even see where I was, much less where they were or how to get to them”

“I never want to be shot because I couldn’t see the enemy right in front of me ever again”

“seeing my rifle sight at night is hard,  seeing them when my vision is blocked by a thick layer of fog, impossible!”                                                                            fogging problems lenses


what you don’t need On the airsoft field

  1. Fog blocking your vision at night

  2. 6 mm projectiles slipping in around your eyes

  3. mesh goggles that allow fragments to get into your peepers

The bottom line

Cheap eyewear will leave you saying goodbye to the fight and to your friends, so get the real deal now and save yourself from the agony of defeat.

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tactical airsoft anti fog goggles fan



  Cheap anti-fog goggles

   If you are like me when is was starting out, you can’t afford the
Turbo Fan Goggles

if that’s the case, don’t feel down about it.  just check out the antifog goggles below and learn some anti-fog tricks that you can do with everyday products that you already have at home.  To read about these tricks, click here


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airsoft goggles snowboarding goggles

anti fog Airsoft goggles with fan tactical goggles









They also have a fan built in, but they are a fraction of the cost of the ESS Turbo Fan Goggles